Accipio remain on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers

In October we were asked to submit a RoATP refresh (or as we call it, RoFresh) application, in order to continue delivering apprenticeship training.

I am thrilled to announce that we have passed this rigorous application and vetting process, further confirming that we are doing the right things, for the right people (our amazing apprentices and employers).

As the application process has become more scrupulous over time, the number of approved providers has been falling. Therefore, our successful reapplication really does make us feel like part of the good gang, delivering high-quality apprenticeship training and meeting the needs of our learners and employers.

Our policies – including our staff professional development, health and safety, complaints, starting point paperwork, etc. – have all been through the rigours of the RoFresh assessors (of whom there were two!).

Fourteen weeks passed – Christmas had been and gone, a new variant of covid was causing all sorts of havoc and ruining plans. It was a long wait – however, we had every confidence that what we were doing could stand the test of the inspection, and we were right.

It’s now onwards and upwards as we await the ‘phone call’ from you know who, but that’s for another day.

My top tips for completing your RoFresh application when you get it:

1. Give yourself time (and plenty of it)
2. Practice your word count – you will want to give lots of examples, but only showcase your best
3. Get your finance team to make a head start on the financial health questions
4. Review your policies – making sure they are unique to your organisation/setting
5. Document control – if you don’t already do this, have a think about introducing this to your policies and procedures (ISO accredited organisations already do this)
6. Review your ILP and paperwork
7. Check the ESFA/DFE privacy notice is updated on your paperwork

And finally, ask a colleague or peer to review your answers and check for any silly mistakes (you can easily go a little word blind).

If you are interested in apprenticeships and how they can help you build your business, do get in touch today.