Major UK Household Brand

Management consultancy

Organisational Design

The Challenge

• Following a review of business strategy, the Executive identified the need to build strength, focus and capability in existing and new areas of the business.

• They felt that to achieve the vision and objectives of there should be a fundamental review of organisational design to ensure that the organisation is best placed to maximise the opportunities in front of it, and to ensure it continues to deliver improving services to applicants and members.

What we did

Accipio worked with nominated representatives from across the organisation to conduct a rapid analysis and design of their “To Be” structure. This included:

• Value Chain and interdependencies

• Span and layers of control

• High level design work

• Team mapping

• Key role identification

The results

• We believe we were able to demonstrate a tremendous ability to work at pace and set clear deliverables in short space of time.

• Working in a fully integrated way, we were able to demonstrate our ability to work jointly with client teams and to ensure that people learned from the experience and led from the front.

• We tested our design via a number of scenarios to ensure the organisation would continue to function.

• We were able to identify gaps in capacity and capability.

• We were able to recommend an implementation plan which would not jeopardise key business processes.

• The fundamentals of the design have not been challenged.

• The organisation is in a good place to move forward on implementing a new organisation design which places it in better shape to achieve their vision and objectives.