Major UK Retailer: Totara LMS


The organisation was seeking to develop a new platform to manage a single online sustainability community spanning the retailer’s supply-base.

The platform needed to bring together existing supplier networks and drive sustainability across their businesses by fostering collaboration and innovation amongst suppliers and producers.


In partnership with a sustainability consultancy, we deployed a Totara LMS to enable 5,000 members to interact directly with other suppliers and producers, sharing the challenges and opportunities of delivering sustainable goods and services to the UK retailer.

We reconfigured Totara LMS into a social platform, which tracks learning, through complex algorithms to serve relevant content across various Interest Groups and Product Categories.

The platform also hosts webinars, discussion forums, videos, surveys, e-learning modules and social media feeds. It allows users to connect directly with internal teams, and users can share, pin, rate and reply to feeds.


The site is helping members to harness shared buying power and innovation resources.

There were over 1,300 supplier logins in the first month and the site continues to grow and improve.