About Accipio

Innovating at the intersection of learning systems and leadership development. 

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What makes us different

Accipio are not just an award winning digital learning agency or a leadership development firm. Rather we are a firm that works with organisations where these disciplines intersect. These parts of our business complement each other and enable us to offer something truly unique in the market. The latest technology enables us to transform how professionals and organisations develop and perform. We draw on our research and consultancy to provide our learners and clients with deep insights.

ACCIPIO - Latin: /akˈki.pi.oː/

Verb: to learn. to grow. to improve.

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Our values


We are professional, self-motivated and self-directed; we identify the change needed and take others with us on the journey.


We are scholars in our fields, and we take every available opportunity to hone our craft.


We always deliver the best outcomes for our clients, company, colleagues and ourselves.


We are brave, we are bold, and we take all of the necessary steps to make change happen.


We are trustworthy and principled; we make the right decisions for the right reasons.


We are engaging and friendly; we listen to our clients and learners, putting their needs first.