Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Senior leadership development programme | CMI Level 7 qualifications | Up to 900 participants

Providing CMI leadership qualifications for senior leadership globally.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), is the UK Government department that promotes the UK’s interests overseas, supporting citizens and businesses around the globe. FCO is a ministerial department, supported by 10 agencies and public bodies.

FCO Main

The Challenge

The FCO was looking for a provider to deliver a core components of the Diplomatic Academy Leadership Gateway Development Programme. This is a programme for the strongest senior leaders with the highest potential for further career advancement. This would be for approximately 900 senior diplomats, heads of missions and British ambassadors stationed around the globe over a five year period.

What we did

We worked with the FCO to design a strategic leadership programme which is aligned with an internationally recognised qualification in leadership and management from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The programme is delivered remotely, and includes webinars facilitated by a former Ambassador (providing organisational context), guest speakers, tuition, 100s of online learning modules, peer-to-peer learning and discussions, reflective assessments, learning sets, coaching, 360 reports and a gateway interview for promotion.

It consisted of two units 1) Strategic Leadership and 2) Personal Development to provide underpinning knowledge of leadership principles.

Accipio developed and launched a branded learning platform and an App (for offline content) to support the programme, including community forums and a points-based system to incentivise peer-to-peer learning. The platform also hosts bespoke eLearning modules that are contextualised for the FCO and designed to support leaders holding a senior diplomatic role.

The results

100 have started the programme in the last six months (4 cohorts) with a 100% pass rate and wonderful feedback about the impact the programme is having around the world. Accipio is working with CMI to pilot new flexible assessments which will be part of the next iteration of the programme. Over 90% of participants found the materials and content relevant and useful for their work.