Accipio ONE

An innovative framework of plugins to extend your Totara or Moodle site

 plugins include:

Learning experience

(Accipio Discover)**

  • Highlight and discover recommended, new, featured, bookmarked, top rated, and most liked content
  • Ability to bookmark, like, rate and comment on content
  • Interactive course formats, including Accipio Immerse and Accipio Process
  • Scrollspy activity navigation (Accipio Accelerate)
  • Community setup and ability to create user generated content (UGC)


  • Discover people with matching interests.
  • Newsfeed for community comments based on interests/groups
  • Enhanced UGC features


(Accipio Diagnose)**

  • Self-assessment and 360 feedback
  • Custom branded PDF reports with spider graphs and insights
  • Measure against competency frameworks before and after learning to measure impact


  • Dashboard integration
  • Pre-loaded MBTI, EQ, Leadership Styles and Teams diagnostics*


(Accipio Organisation Manager*)

  • Enable clients to add and manage their own users, assign learning, download certificates, and have custom fields.
  • Bespoke branding for clients (logo, colours and key images)


  • Set due dates for courses
  • Enhanced CSV import
  • Automated onboarding process

eCommerce & paywall

(Accipio Shop*)

  • Full shop integration to sell courses
  • Includes basket, end-to-end checkout, coupon codes, bundles, and full integration with Totara
  • Setup a paywall to charge or restrict some content


  • Enhanced group management

Apprenticeships & qualifications

(Accipio Apprenticeship Manager*)

  • Qualification manager that automatically assigns learning and onboarding
  • Hierarchy to manage learner, tutor/coach, assessor (inc IV & EV), line manager and employer relationships, permissions and displays
  • User manager
  • Log visits, FPRs and workshops
  • CPD log/record of learning with 20% off the job tracking
  • Bespoke assessment methods to build a portfolio of evidence with various options (e.g. professional discussions)
  • Advanced dashboards and reporting for learners, tutors/coaches, quality managers, assessors (what to grade) and employers
  • “What next” block for absolute clarity
  • Plagiarism detection


  • IV/EV automatic sampling
  • Workflow for assessor management
  • Enhanced RAG dashboards for coaches

Events & tickets

(Accipio Events*)

  • Sell tickets directly on your site
  • Custom registration forms
  • Complete ticket inventory management
  • Tickets delivered to attendees via email
  • QR codes for attendee check-in
  • Events calendar and listings
  • Supports multiple ticket types
  • Import and export settings
  • Reminder emails
  • Automatically added to course and group
  • User management through Accipio Organisation Manager


  • Automated follow-up emails

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

(Accipio Rank*)

  • Range of features to improve search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Add meta data, canonical tags and create clean URLs for improved search
  • Range of blocks to improve internal linking structure


  • RAG status for key pages with SEO recommendations

Step 1: Select your desired plugins

Learning experience plugins (Accipio Discover)**
Multi-tenancy plugins (Accipio Organisation Manager)
Events & tickets plugins (Accipio Events)
Apprenticeship & qualification delivery plugins (Accipio Apprenticeship Manager)
eCommerce & paywall plugins (Accipio Shop)
SEO plugins (Accipio Rank)
ILM/CMI qualifications integration (Free)***
Management apprenticeships integration (Free)***
C30 content integration (Free)***

ex VAT per annum

Add optional Accipio ONE plugins to your package.

Step 2: Chose a base platform (Moodle or Totara) and package

2£Per user per annum*
  • Essentials

  • Cost effective package for simple requirements and rapid deployment.
  • Installation, project management and core set-up

    Hosting and maintenance

    Branded (logo and colours)

    Pay-as-you-go support options

    Optional consultancy and bespoke customisation

3£Per user per annum*
  • Standard

  • Our standard package for more complex requirements and features.
  • Everything in Essentials package

    Full set of Moodle™ or Totara features and dedicated site

    Enhanced theme design and unlimited support (advisory for named admin)

    More advanced configuration and free in-version upgrades (3 days)

    Advanced face-to-face training (1 day for 4 people)

5£Per user per annum*
  • Premium

  • Our premium package for organisations that wish to create an award winning site.
  • Everything in the Standard package

    Access to our LXP plugins and advanced configuration

    Annual theme refresh and version upgrade

    Quarterly enhancement workshops (remote)


* Indicative price per person per annum ex VAT and Totara subscription (if Totara). Based on a site with 3,000 users (price per person reduces for larger sites)

** Included as part of Premium package

*** Minimum numbers required


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