Moodle Workplace

A corporate learning platform from Moodle, available exclusively through Premium Moodle Partners like us. 

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What is Moodle Workplace?

Moodle Workplace is the corporate distribution of Moodle, re-built from the ground up for ambitious learning organisations. It has the best parts of Moodle LMS, with advanced features for workplace learning. Trusted by hundreds of millions of users worldwide, more organisations choose Moodle to support their education and training needs than any other platform in the world.

Interested in Moodle Workplace for your organisation?

Key features

Get the best of Moodle LMS, plus extended features which include:

Programs/Learning Paths

Maximise content reutilisation with Shared Programs and establish training paths for employees. Managers can group courses and content into programs and allocate them to multiple teams or learners. They can also view progress reports for their teams in the dashboard while learners track progress with their assigned programs or courses on their dashboards.

Organisational Structure

Adapt the platform to your company structure defining roles and hierarchies that automatically create reporting lines. Assign management rights and security permissions to each role then automate tasks based on departments and positions, and define tailored audiences for your reports.

System Integration

Moodle Workplace is ready to be integrated with other systems such as content repositories, HR platforms and other products thanks to its comprehensive API.

Dynamic Rules

Save on your admin time by automating common processes such as unattended user self-registering, enrolments, certification allocations, messaging and lots more with a set of ‘if this then that’ rules that you can define, template and save. For example, if a user has completed a course, then automatically enrol them into the following course.


Migration offers the capacity to export any data in a Moodle Workplace instance and import it into the same or a different site, with conflict resolution and unattended execution. Define a specific branding and configure different authentication settings for each tenant. Duplicate or migrate everything in a tenant or even a whole site. Migration has never been that easy and powerful in any other LMS.

Mobile App

Moodle Workplace Mobile App supports all workplace features. It is an integral part of the system and is included with Moodle Workplace. Full app branding is also available with Moodle Workplace and can be tailored to your needs.


Create recurring and automated certifications for programs that need to be retaken within a defined validity period and keep your employee certifications and compliance training up to date.

Badges and Diplomas

Reward and recognise employee achievements with automated badges and diplomas.

Competency Frameworks

Use Dynamic Rules to get your competency-driven strategy to the next level. You can automate the granting of competencies based on tailored rules plus associate actions to a competency or a set of competencies such as issuing a certificate once a competency or multiple competencies are achieved.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Multi-tenant architecture allows you to give each of your divisions, departments or franchises their own full LMS platform with custom permissions so you can delegate the LMS management to the people actually doing the job. Sharing content across all tenants is easy using shared spaces. With Moodle Workplace each tenant in the same site can connect to its own authentication providers.

Site and tenant branding

Customise Workplace to match the branding for your organisation or multiple organisations. With Moodle Workplace, each tenant can have its own customisable look and feel.

Report Builder

Save time by generating reports easily in a drag and drop interface with instant preview, filtering and aggregation of data from various sources, including the Workplace Datastore. Schedule reports to be sent automatically to different audiences.


Helps trainers to set up face-to-face appointments with students. Create events with multiple sessions or split a time interval into many slots in a convenient way.

Why us and how we can help?

We provide a full range of Moodle Workplace services, from hosting and support to bespoke customisations, advanced theming and training. We have an innovative framework of plugins that extend Moodle Workplace called AccipioOne. Examples include an advanced native shop, apprenticeship and qualification management (including internal/external verification), 360 diagnostics, TMS and LXP.

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Is Moodle Workplace free?

Moodle Workplace is not being distributed in the same way as Moodle LMS, and so is not available as an open-source download. Moodle Workplace is only available via Moodle Partners, so that we can ensure a high-quality experience. Pricing varies according to the number of users at an organisation and the complexity of the solution needed. Get in touch with us for an exact price based on your requirements.

What is the difference between Moodle Workplace and Moodle?

Yes, Moodle Workplace has been specifically designed for workplace learning and development, and as such has a number of features not available in Moodle LMS, such as the ability to create hierarchies to match your organisational structure, advanced reporting tools and multi-tenancy capability.

Is Moodle Workplace open source?

Moodle Workplace contains all the features of Moodle LMS, plus advanced features designed for workplace learning. It is licensed software only available via our Certified Service Providers. While it is not open source like Moodle LMS, in a mutually beneficial relationship, Moodle LMS contributes to the development of Moodle Workplace while the enhancements created for workplace learning contribute knowledge to our community of developers and Moodle LMS as open source code and features.

Can I upgrade from Moodle LMS to Moodle Workplace?

A standard Moodle LMS site can be upgraded into Moodle Workplace. You can also use standard import and export functionality to move courses and content from your existing Moodle site into Moodle Workplace. For details please contact us.

How to install Moodle Workplace

Moodle Workplace is not available for self-installation, it is only offered via the Moodle Partner network, to ensure a consistent, safe, secure and reliable experience for every customer. Get in touch if you would like to find out more about getting started with your Moodle Workplace installation.

We are an SME with a small budget and HR department, which package might suit us?

BB Enterprise is a plug-and-play LMS, build from Moodle Workplace. It contains all of our content packages, from Leadership to Internet Security, and requires no setup or training to get going. You can sign up and get going in an instant, with minimal cost (far below comparable LMSs on the market) and only ever pay for the number of users you need.

Moodle LMS vs Moodle Workplace

What is the difference between Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace? We have pulled together a product comparison to help you decide which platform is right for you.

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