Advanced assignment grading and quality assurance for Moodle & Totara

Streamline your assessment process with Accipio Grade, our comprehensive grading tool

Manage end-to-end Internal and External Verification process, handle auto-grader allocation, triple-blind marking, and resolve grades automatically. Facilitate marker collaboration and scheduling, while easily exporting final grades to external systems. Simplify and enhance your assessment workflow today.

Top Features

Internal and external verification

Handle the end-to-end IV and EV process for assignment submissions, random sampling, plagiarism investigations and more. Set random sampling quotients at the assignment level, and run cohort-based sampling.

Grader allocation

Save time by automatically allocating assignments to graders during availability windows, saving manual allocation for dissertation and complex grading instances. Choose between random allocation of markers, site level tutors, course groups and more.

Blind marking and auto-grade resolution

Allow for blind, double blind, and triple blind marking; automatic resolution of grades (based on configurable levels of tolerance); and procession through the grading flow.

Marker collaboration

Manual marker collaboration and grade agreement process. Re-mark and reset processes for student queries and re-mark requests.

Marker scheduling

Schedule marker periods of unavailability and schedule new courses – alter your sampling processes based on these periods.

Export grades to external systems

Export final grades to your LMS or to external systems.

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