Our new look and brand story

We’re proud to unveil a new look and refined focus for Accipio. 10 years ago this month, our strategy changed from being a performance consultancy to focus on two main areas. And so it was fitting that when we decided to reimagine our brand, our motivation was to properly express our driving goal of being a bold, people-focused player in the digital learning and leadership development spaces.

We are fascinated with the concept of people and organisational performance. Our reason for existing is simple: we help people and organisations learn and improve. Our role is that of a catalyst, creating change for our clients by enhancing their knowledge and skills – transforming existing ability and likely potential into something even greater.

Improvement means a lift of trajectory over time, an upwards curve towards where you want to be. We bring this idea to life throughout our brand, from the lifting crossbar in the ‘A’ of our mark to the rest of our graphic world.

Accipio logo in blue.
Gradient image with growth curve with the label Brand.
Gradient image with growth curve with the label Digital.
Gradient image with growth curve with the label Leadership.
Gradient image with growth curve with the label Insight.

Colour gradients express transformation, progress, and the promise of new possibilities, while our graphic language visually depicts different forms of positive change – each featuring a central catalytic point where colours blend together, shifting focus from the spark that starts things to the light of the goal being aimed for.

Taken all together, we’re confident it conveys the active, change-making organisation that we are. We hope you enjoy our new brand, and are as excited as we are about continuing the journey together.