Advanced 360 tool built within Moodle & Totara

Accipio Diagnose is a market leading 360 feedback and skills scan solution.

Revolutionise performance evaluation and skills assessment with our comprehensive tool. Our customers range from ambitious corporates seeking an objective tool for coaching and performance appraisals to training providers looking to conduct skills scans before, during, and after development programs. The tool can compare individuals and organisations to benchmark data and automatically recommend learning opportunities based on areas of weakness.

Top Features

360 Feedback

Gather input from individuals, managers, team members, external respondents, and peers to conduct a comprehensive and well-rounded 360-degree assessment, capturing diverse perspectives on performance.

Deep Insights

Utilise graphical spider and bar charts to pinpoint areas to focus on. Activate additional features to identify individual strengths, weaknesses, hidden strengths, and blind spots. Utilise benchmark data to determine higher and lower performing areas, as well as skills gaps within the organisation.

Recommended Learning

Receive targeted recommendations for learning based on areas for improvement, ensuring focused skill development.

Custom Branded Reports

Create fully-branded and detailed PDF reports with custom content that can be downloaded for offline viewing, offering valuable insights and actionable information.

Customisable Frameworks

Create unique surveys aligned with fully customisable competency frameworks, allowing for tailored assessments that meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Apprenticeship skills scans

Skills scans for apprenticeship initial assessments with self-assessment and skills coach moderation with comments.

Track improvements

Utilise automatically recurring diagnostics for repeat attempts to track progress against a framework. Use the organisational feedback feature for employee engagement and team surveys, and track changes.

Advanced scales and weighting

Benefit from editable question scales with randomisation and weighting for enhanced assessment flexibility.

Built by a market leading certified Moodle and Totara partner.

Trusted by the biggest brands in the world.
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