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Digital learning to upskill your entire organisation

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We deliver award-winning digital learning platforms and experiences.

We have been fortunate to support some of the biggest brands in the world, from PepsiCo and the Premier League, to the NHS and UK government departments.

Our Digital team provide leading customer service and technical capability, meaning you can be confident we’ll deliver a world-class learning platform… every time.

Leadership development to provide career lift off

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Career lift-off

Are you ready to take ‘one small step’ towards a fulfilling career in management or leadership?

Always wanted to become a future leader in your organisation, but feel like you are stuck in zero gravity… floating… lost?

Or maybe you work in L&D, and you are looking to bridge managerial skill gaps in the workplace.

We provide CMI-accredited leadership qualifications and apprenticeships (Levels 3-7) that can help to give career lift off!

All our apprenticeships can be undertaken while in full-time employment and can be funded through the Apprenticeship Levy scheme.

Impactful Digital learning

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PepsiCo worked with us and the new learning platform we delivered has helped them to save over £500K in training delivery costs.

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“Having never done learning like this before, it’s helped us completely change our thinking and approach.”

Jeremy Hoyland, Sales Capability Director, PepsiCo.



We worked with the College of Policing to deliver a new learning platform used by 200,000 officers and staff across 43 forces in the police service.

UK police officer

“Thank you to the Accipio team for your hard work in making this happen, it is a real step forward for policing.”

Sue Brookes, Leadership & Management Development Lead, College of Policing



Working with UCAS, we delivered a new learning platform that syncs over 7,000 organisations and has achieved 98% positive feedback from customers for UX.

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“Accipio has transformed our digital training. Feedback has been consistently at 98% for user experience and content.”

Silva Carver, Business Readiness & LMS Lead, UCAS

Moodle Partner

Moodle makes the difference

Moodle is one of the leading open-source learning platforms in the world and enables organisations to manage, deliver, and measure learning and training online.

We are one of an exclusive group of Moodle Premium Certified Services Providers in the UK, which allows us to offer Moodle Workplace, the corporate distribution of Moodle.

Moodle Workplace includes advanced features, perfect for businesses and organisations, and is trusted by hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

BeReady Project

Totara transforms your L&D

We recently celebrated our tenth anniversary as a Totara Platinum Alliance Partner. Recognition of our dynamic people and digital learning insights.

For over a decade, we have been supporting some of the world’s biggest brands, delivering award-winning Totara learning platforms.

Many organisations have made Totara a key part of their learning and development strategy… will you?

Totara Partner

Extend Moodle & Totara to the next level…

Accipio One

Moodle & Totara are packed with the latest LMS functionality, but sometimes our clients need even more.

This is where our Accipio One plugin eco-system changes the digital learning game.

From online shops to unlock new revenue streams to SEO tools to help your site rank higher on Google, our clients are reaping the rewards with plugin extensions.

Is your current learning platform preventing you from modernising and innovating your training delivery? Are you overwhelmed with manual processes or struggling to integrate other systems into your LMS, such as your website or CRM platform?

Accipio One can help turn the tide, pushing Moodle and Totara to the next level, while enhancing the learning experience for your people.

Select an Accipio One plugin to find out more.

Content to upskill your organisation

Accipio C30

Not only do we work with our clients to build innovative learning platforms. We also pack these platforms full of immersive and interactive content.

Introducing Accipio C30. The 30 capabilities all leaders and managers need to become successful.

The C30 toolkit features 370+ interactive modules and e-learning resources to support career growth.

Accipio C30. The 30 capabilities all great managers and leaders need to become successful. The C30 framework underpins our apprenticeship and open workshop delivery.

Management apprenticeships to accelerate career growth

We offer CMI-accredited apprenticeships at Levels 3, 5 and 7. Perfect for individuals looking to supercharge their careers, or organisations wanting to upskill their entire workforce. The courses offer key skills in leadership and management and can be studied while people are in full or part-time employment.

Level 3

Level 3 – Aspiring Managers

Level 5

Level 5 – Operational or Departmental Managers

Level 7

Level 7 – Senior Leaders

Pay just 5% of the apprenticeship fee.. with the Apprenticeship Levy

CMI Partner
Apprenticeships Partner

Without adequate training or growth opportunities, employees can become disgruntled. This can lead to poorer motivation levels, decreased productivity, reduced customer satisfaction, plus, a high employee turnover.

The good news is that when it comes to employee training, there are many sources of support available for businesses of all different shapes and sizes. This includes financial support, which comes in the form of the UK government’s Apprenticeship Levy.

Smaller employers – those with a total annual pay bill of less than £3 million – pay just 5% of the cost of their apprenticeship training and the government funds the rest.

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