The Accipio C30: Your Leadership Ecosystem

The Accipio C30: the 30 capabilities that every manager requires to be effective and versatile. The C30 underpins our entire ecosystem of leadership development resources, from eLearning modules to assignments, webinars and workshops, coaching and mentoring, qualifications, apprenticeships, and more.

What are the 30 capabilities?

Accipio C30 Matrix

Each aspect of the C30 can be targeted for learning and development through a number of our products, and your choice of which can be tailored to your specific organisation, its business context, your staff, and your goals.

Build your own ecosystem

Each of these can be purchased individually, or any combination of items can be selected for your own, tailored, C30 implementation.


A collection of ~400 eLearning modules, capable of being transferred to any major learning management system (LMS) in an instant. Receive a 50% discount when purchasing with an Accipio Moodle or Totara LMS.

Accipio_Icons_V9 (1)-01

Our award-winning Learning Management Systems (LMSs). Choose from Totara, Moodle and Moodle Workplace to suit your company’s needs. Can be used to host eLearning modules, manage progress, grade qualifications and more.

Ready-made LMS

BB Enterprise: our plug-and-play LMS, available immediately on a subscription basis and already fully populated with our C30 eLearning suite, diagnostics, and more. Powered by Moodle Workplace.

Accipio One

Our multi-award-winning suite of unique plugins, designed to extend the functionality of Moodle and Totara as to suit your specific organisational needs.

Leadership Eco-System

Leadership and Management qualifications from the Chartered Management Institute and levy-funded Apprenticeships, available from Level 3 (aspiring leaders) all the way to Level 7 (senior executives)

Webinars and Workshops

Our webinar and workshop series, designed to target the 10 capability categories, delivered by expert trainers all year round.


Off-the-shelf AI-powered diagnostic tools or 360-degree reports designed to align with the C30 and your organisation’s specific requirements.

Packed with content

A compliance catalogue, designed to meet all of your organisation’s policy and regulatory needs, which can be transferred to you in an instant for use.

Packed with content

BB for individuals – develop yourself through a personal subscription to the entire C30 eLearning catalogue. Receive discounts on qualifications and webinars.

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Start your journey now

A reminder of what is included in the complete C30 ecosystem:

350+ interactive eModules and resources (and the catalogue is continually growing)

Branded LMS/LXP, customised plugins and bespoke options

Mobile application

Social learning environments

CPD log and tracked points

Leaderboard (points for learning)

In-line with internationally-recognised qualifications (ILM/CMI)

Workshops and webinars from expert trainers

Management apprenticeships

Levels 3-8 (aspiring managers to senior executives)

Diagnostic tools (including custom framework options)

One-to-one tutor support

Coaching and mentoring

Newsletters covering latest leadership and learning insights

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