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AI driven LxP features that push & pull content in Moodle & Totara

Use Accipio Discover and Curate to create tailored learning experiences

Transform your Moodle or Totara site into an LxP with features designed to enhance and personalise the learning journey. Benefit from AI-generated recommended learning, automatically curated external content, dynamic blocks, and popular content highlights. Explore featured learning tailored to different learner types. Engage with content through bookmarking, liking, rating, and commenting, contributing to continuous improvements.

Top Features

AI recommended learning

AI generated recommended learning based on learner activity within the platform and diagnostic results.

External content curation

Automatically pulls in content from trusted external sources and renders them in your learning platform to supplement courses with the latest insights

Dynamic content blocks

Automated and dynamic blocks, refreshing with the latest content based on pre-set criteria. Pull in resources based on specific users’ activity, as well as site activity – for example, “this week’s top content”.

Highlight popular content

Identify and highlight the most popular (most viewed, liked or top rated) content, and segment based on categories or tags.

Featured learning

Use tags to promote or spotlight featured content for different types of learners.

Collect live user feedback

Ability for learners to bookmark, like, rate and comment on content. Use this data to drive content improvements.

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