Support users to deliver a project and track benefits realised in Moodle & Totara

Do you want your users to be taken through an iterative process to deliver a project outcome, and be supported along the way by a tutor? Whilst capturing benefits delivered, and automatically generating case studies and one-pager summaries of the project? We have you covered with Accipio Projects.

Top Features

Build custom project templates to guide your learners through an information capture process.

Attach tutors to projects – have tutor led feedback and stage sign off from tutors. Use this as the basis for completion and assessment.

Map and attach benefits to projects, both quantitative and qualitative. Collate these benefits at an organisation or a site level to illustrate the impact of projects undertaken.

Export your finished project in a custom and prettified PDF, and as a case study.

Built by a market leading certified Moodle and Totara partner.

Trusted by the biggest brands in the world.
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