Accipio + BeReady: Totara site with over 200,000 users

Over 200,000 users | Totara | Learning platform

Complex multi-tenancy site for schools across the UK with over 1,000 courses and almost 4,000 branded organisations.

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BeReady work across schools, universities and employers in order to deliver digital learning solutions that enable people to gain qualifications, learn new life skills, further their careers or just be ready for whatever life throws at them. During the Covid-19 crisis, BeReady provided the SupportUKSchools initiative provides secondary schools with an easy to use online platform with a remote curriculum. They chose to partner with Accipio to create an interactive learning platform based around Totara Learn.

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The Challenge

BeReady was looking to develop an interactive learning platform for over 1 million users (mainly secondary school teachers and school children aged 11–18). The aim was to equip those leaving school with the soft skills needed for their career, and to provide expertly curated remote curriculum of year 7-10 online lessons, created by teachers for teachers.

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What we did

BeReady selected Accipio as their partner and decided Totara Learn provided a wonderful platform to launch their initiative and continue to innovate. We worked together to design a world-class learning platform which gives schools their own free, branded, LMS to deliver online lessons and manage and support pupils’ remote learning activity, progress and performance.


Key features of the project included:

  • Full multi-tenancy allowing schools to have their own branded version of the site, manage their own users and assign learning and with due dates. They can also create their own groups (classrooms) and download certificates and grades and track progress
  • Automated end-to-end onboarding process allowing school admins to set-up their school and customise the site
  • Gamification through recognition (badges and CPD certificates)
  • Video streaming service and complex hosting solution
  • Careers and university plugin integration
  • Quick course generator allowing teachers to add learning resources
  • An immersive course format and contemporary design
  • Learning locker where users can upload their CV, homework and applications

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The results

We worked with BeReady to go live and deliver the system within 6 weeks and the site is continually evolving on a monthly basis as part of our agile workflow. The site already has over 200,000 users within months of going live, and almost 4,000 schools setup to manage their own users and allocate learning.


Freedom to Save

  • Low cost per user given the platform is using open-source technology and the hosting arrangements grow with the user base
  • Devolved management to schools through our multi-tenancy solution, and automated onboarding

Freedom to Learn

  • Bulk learning allocation via teachers and school admins with due dates and email reminders for over 170,000 users
  • Dynamic learning pathways and dashboards which change based on the user

Freedom to Innovate

  • Totara’s flexible open-source nature has allowed us to develop innovative plugins to meet the needs of schools, teachers and students

Freedom of Choice

  • BeReady initially started with another Totara partner and switched to us early in the process given our experience in managing large complex learning environments for over 500,000 users in a multi-tenancy environment. They were also impressed with our innovative mindset and responsiveness.

Client quotes

“It was clear Accipio had the domain expertise in the education space having implemented the largest Totara instance in the world. Many of those end users are teachers in schools and colleges taking online safeguarding training and will have experienced Totara LMS. It was the right decision to partner with a leading authority in this field”  Kyle Burrows – BeReady CEO.

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