Management apprenticeships

Our leadership management apprenticeships are designed to drive better performance of your managers and leaders.

You can utilise your employer’s government-backed apprenticeship levy to develop and empower yourself through our ILM and CMI-accredited Management Apprenticeships scheme. Our unique programme blends digital and hands-on learning to help you discover and reach your true potential.


What is the levy all about?

  • Employers with a paybill of over £3m need to pay 0.5% of this to the government as a Management Apprenticeships levy.
  • However, they can then use this money to effectively secure a leadership and management programme for their people.
  • If they do not use their levy within 24 months, they lose it.
  • We find that a number of organisations are replacing their existing leadership, management and talent programmes with levy funded programmes.

Who can be an apprentice?

  • Leadership and management apprenticeships are for everyone in your organisation (both existing and new employees), and we have programmes that target aspiring managers, middle managers and senior leaders (including the CEO).
  • Our programmes typically last for 2 years, and require about 1 day per week to focus on improving their organisation and developing leadership and management skills.
  • At the end of our programmes, participants receive a Diploma from the CMI or ILM.

What are the benefits?

  • Management and leadership apprenticeships are an essential tool for creating an effective workforce by unlocking the potential of the management team.
  • Our management apprenticeships seek to make your organisation more productive, and the below research shows the impact this can have.
  • Get in touch to find out how we can design and deliver a bespoke leadership and management programme – using your levy – for your organisation.

CMI Management Apprenticeships

The CMI management apprenticeship offers a recognised professional development pathway ultimately leading to Chartered Manager status.

Watch the video below to learn more.

ILM Management Apprenticeships

The ILM management apprenticeships offer a range of management apprenticeships at all levels, from Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor to Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship.

Which apprenticeship level is right for me?

Enjoy access to all the information you need about our best in class CMI and ILM management apprenticeship qualifications. Choose the perfect option that is right for you and your team.

Compare your options below by selecting between CMI and ILM.

Team Leader/Supervisor

Level 3 in Leadership and Management is ideal for individuals who have management responsibilities but no formal training as of yet, and are serious about developing their abilities.

CMI Level 3 Diploma in First Line Management

Funding cap: Up to £4,500 Levy rebate

Duration: 18 months


Operations/ Departmental Manager

This programme is aimed at practising middle managers, helping them to develop their skills and experience, improve performance and prepare for senior managerial responsibilities.

CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership

Funding cap: Up to £7,000 Levy rebate.

Duration: 24 months


Team Leader/Supervisor

The Level 3 in Leadership and Management is ideal for individuals who have management responsibilities but no formal training as of yet, and are serious about developing their abilities.

ILM Level 3 Diploma in Leadership & Management

Funding cap: Up to £4,500 Levy rebate

Duration: 18 months


Operations/ Departmental Manager

This programme is aimed at practising middle managers, helping them to develop their skills and experience, improve performance and prepare for senior managerial responsibilities.

ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management

Funding cap: Up to £7,000 Levy rebate

Duration: 24 months


What our apprentices and customers are saying…

What do our apprenticeship programmes cover?

Leading People

Covers: leadership styles, how to lead different teams, how to improve performance, the importance of organisational culture, and equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Managing People

Covers: how to manage multiple and remote teams, improve team performance and recruit staff members.

Building Relationships

Covers: relationship management, collaborative working and conflict management.


Covers: interpersonal skills and how to apply different forms and techniques of communication.

Operational Management

Covers: management models, continuous improvement, management systems, change management, use of technology and data security.

Project Management and Finance

Covers: how to set up, manage and review a project. Also looks at: financial management, setting and maintaining budgets and financial forecasting.

Self-Awareness and Management

Covers: knowledge and skills to self-reflect, understanding emotional intelligence and learning styles. Also looks at the knowledge and skills to manage time and plan personal development.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Covers: problem solving and decision making

Management Apprenticeships Built for Everyone

An apprentice can be anyone in your organisation, including senior managers and the CEO). They can be a new joiner or someone who has been in the organisation for 20+ years.

What our participants say about our workshops (“agree with statement”)….


The topics covered were relevant to me?


The trainer was knowledgeable about the training topics?


The trainer was well prepared?


The materials distributed were helpful?


The time allotted for the training was sufficient?


The content was organised and easy to follow?

What process do we take participants through?

At Accipio, we’ve developed our own performance framework that ensures our participants are getting an exceptional end-to-end result from their apprenticeship, from initial assessment to end-point assessment.

What we Value


We use evidence-based research from academia and client data to inform our learning material.


As partners of ILM and CMI, managers who undergo our programs are assessed to meet standards set by industry experts.


We continually evaluate what works for our clients, what works with managers and evolve our delivery to ensure the optimal results.


Managers are provided with suitable tools, and develop skills in order to change ways of working and create their own “Ah-ha!” moments to challenge the status quo.

Collective Data

Our trainers are experts in their fields; ranging from former CEO’s, lecturers in the most prestigious business schools in the world, to Royal Marines. We collaborate to bring this incredible wealth of experience together to work best for you.

Our Delivery Model

Experiential Workshops

Through our hands-on workshops, managers move through a process of information to transformation.

Fortnightly Strategic Discussions

A safe space allows managers to gain a greater understanding of the interrelated nature of challenges, whilst it also acts as a forum to share and exchange ideas.

Individualised One to One

A high level of individual consideration and support increases managers’ well-being and reduces burnout. This is not a ‘light-touch’ approach; care and attention is the deciding factor in management apprentices being successful.

Full Day Group Study

Formal assessments are brainstormed in a group with a dedicated facilitator. These former assessors know how to help managers reflect on their experience to evidence their knowledge.

Approach to Learning

Individual Internalisation

We help to develop the self-concept of managers, through building self-awareness using personalised tools such as 360 reports and other psychometric methods.

Relational Recognition

We help managers to build relationships between new theoretical concepts and their experiences. They will gain awareness as to how their personality-preferences and leadership styles inform team interaction and dynamics.

Collective Endorsement

Through strategic discussions, your managers will socially identify themselves as better leaders and change champions.

What makes us different?


We are not like other apprenticeship providers who try to be all things to all people.


Former CEOs, clinical psychologists, academics from leading universities and trainers who have trained over 30,000 people.


Branded to your organisation.

Innovative Off-The-Job Training

Contemporary approach to off-the-job training includes using a number of naturally occuring activities that reduce unnecessary workload. This includes attending events with experts, coaching and mentoring existing 1-2-1s with team members.

Delegates Receive

A qualification at the end of the apprenticeship (Diploma from ILM or CMI); can become a Chartered Manager; membership of ILM/CMI; and student card (NUS / TOTUM Card).


Deliver an “outcome” rather than just a training intervention.

Integrate other programmes

Integrate non-apprenticeship leadership and management development into a single programme with exit points (ILM/CMI Award, Certificate & Diploma). This can include existing training and trainers.

Passion for Service

We are passionate about service and delighting our customers. You will have a single point of contact for the programme and detailed reporting. We care about things being perfect. Clients give us great feedback scores.

Our Bespoke Learning Platform

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