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Totara Learn X

Our learning experience platform built on Totara Learn

Extended features include:

Personalisation and adaptive delivery

Unique experiences for every learner. Give learners what they want – when they want it – for maximum impact.
  • Structured learning pathways (programmes)
  • Dynamic learner segmentation (audiences)
  • Provide different content to different audiences (based on different functions, line management, locations, experience or even based on interests)
  • Custom home pages (dashboards) for positions / segments for targeted learning
  • Show content for current and next role aligned to competency frameworks
  • Configurable onboarding experience (workflows)
  • Suggested courses and content based on what they are viewing and interests

Gamification and engagement

Use the core principles of neuroscience to incentivise learning and contribution.
  • Gamification through leaderboards, points and other “sticky” features
  • Incentivise learning and sharing (community points) through rewards and recognition
  • Badges and certifications
  • Effortless employee engagement

Social learning, collaboration and networking

Drive collaboration and enable people to share knowledge, resources and experiences (social / peer-to-peer learning).
  • Drive collaboration and enable people to share knowledge, resources and experiences (social / peer-to-peer learning)
  • Allow users to easily interact with each other and share content through our social user interface. Get people talking and encourage conversations.
  • Harness user generated content to unearth diamonds, engage individuals and get advice from those in the know.
  • Connect people with people. Enable users to meet/connect/follow new people (based on personalised recommendations), build their network and find like-minded people or people who can help with issues.
  • Enable users to showcase their interests and skills on their profile to learn about peers and help others.
  • Build networks and interest groups through feeds and learn from each other.
  • Build a community and communicate with them through monthly newsletters (with targeted themes for different types of users) and forum digests / post updates. Alert users to new content, news and other activity.
  • Create campaigns and schedule content.

Automation and artificial intelligence

Our platform gets smarter the more you use it, and saves you time and money through automation.

Automation user-cases include:

  • Content – Auto-curate content, show content-based interests and schedule content (timed-release) and campaigns
  • Reporting – Improve insights and activity through auto-reporting (schedule reports and have them emailed)
  • Onboarding – effortlessly onboard new joiners using work-flows and programmes
  • Mandatory training – Make sure you stay compliant with automatically generated mandatory training reminders. See at a glance what percentage of the organisation is compliant.
  • Smart audiences – Set up automatic audience pools and then use them to share learning, restrict visibility of content and report on progress and engagement.
  • F2F events – Generate pre and post-event learning, event management and post-event learning effortlessly. Automatically notify and remind attendees too.

Discover learning and people

Help learners find what they want and need, when they need it (time of need).
  • Shows most popular, top rated and featured content.
  • Allows users to pin content and come back to it later (shows on “my list”).
  • Showcases recommended content based on interests which are selected during sign-up (personalised content recommendations).
  • Related content is shown on courses to suggest the next learning bite for users.
  • Discover page (“you may like”) where users can browse through content via a beautiful discover page which is automatically curated for them.
  • Finding people and expertise is easy as every user has their own profile. The platform enables users to showcase their skills, expertise and ways to support one another. Users can discover new expertise and recognise users in the office.
  • Surface expertise in your business.
  • In-built powerful search engine enables learners to quickly and easily find anything they need within the platform.
  • Advanced “tag cloud” function to explore related content.
  • Push notifications, alerts and messages that tell learners important information, and highlight content. Drive users back to the site through email.

Push and pull blended content

Push and pull blended content onto your platform. Micro-learning, SCORM, video, content curation tools – you choose.

Pull content:

  • Content curation tool, RSS feeds and much more.
  • Content market place.
  • Helpful integrations – integrates with many web platforms including YouTube, TED and more, ensuring quick and easy sharing for all users.

Develop and host engaging content:

  • Essential training – Deliver compliance and mandatory eLearning and blended programmes with ease. SCORM compatible.
  • Upload video
  • Micro-learning
  • Interactive eLearning modules
  • Toolkits
  • Webinar integration

Re-blend classroom courses:

  • Events – Support F2F events with registrations, track attendance, wait lists and more.
  • Blended delivery and assessment – Pre-work, assessment, post classroom discussion and feedback. Pre-work includes videos, eLearning, wikis (including contributing), webinars.
  • Learner engagement, tuition and support – Learners can easily message their tutor and find support.

Learning analytics, good MI and showing value

Track every interaction, show compliance training completions at a glance, and run reports based on good management information (MI). Show the value your L&D function brings to the organization.
  • Individuals can see progress at a glance, see their tasks and get support.
  • Get content insights through feedback on every piece of content through our start rating and feedback blow. Show the top-rated content, and work to improve content at the bottom end of the rating scale. Better data drives better learning.
  • See what is most popular on the site.
  • Easily track and monitor all completions of compliance training so you can see at a glance how compliant your business is.
  • Force users to update their details (e.g. directorate, manager and role) for good management information and reporting.
  • Learn more about your people and what they want through interests reporting.
  • Learn how engaged your people are, how they behave and the most effective content. Create, iterate and improve over time through our advanced Analytics.
  • Correlate learning with ROI.
  • Demonstrate learning using diagnostic and knowledge check data to demonstrate effectiveness of learning over time.
  • Track time spent learning and issue CPD points.
  • Insights into how your learners behave.
  • Discover and identify gaps in available content using automated data reports, so you can create learning your users want and need.

App, mobile delivery and single sign-on

Adopt a mobile first strategy, and improve usage with SSO.
  • Get a branded App for your LMS so people can launch learning on the go.
  • Fully responsive design.
  • Improved usage through single-sign-on (SSO).

Performance support and management

Use the platform for your talent and performance marking and 360s.
  • Manage the start​-to-end talent and ​performance assessment, with a snapshot of each ​department, the distribution of ratings and who the talent / high performers are.
  • 360 templates automatically assigned to types of users with a simple​ process ​to request feedback and gain manager approval.

Developing the L&D function

We have a number of products and services which are dedicated to supporting and developing your L&D function.
  • Capability assessments.
  • 360 reports and diagnostics.
  • Training evaluation tools.
  • CPD logs.
  • Mentoring/coaching matching.
  • Employee Engagement surveys.
  • Leadership qualifications (ILM & CMI), and supporting workshops, webinairs and content integrations.
  • Management apprenticeships (using your levy).
  • eCommerce integration.
  • and much more.

Plus get all of the standard Totara Learn features

Everything you would expect from a modern learning management system

Use Totara LMS to map learning to job positions and organisational levels. Assign employees to managers and learn in the same structure you work.


Totara LMS enables detailed reporting, allowing quick and easy viewing, analysis and distribution of delegate performance.

Team Management

Plan development across your team to ensure everyone is heading in the right direction.

Performance Management

Totara LMS deploys a number of tools to manage employee performance, including 360 feedback diagnostics and detailed performance reviews.

Audience Management

Assign courses and permissions based on user type, department or previous completion.

Compliance Management

Keep your organisation safe using our platform to track the percentage of your organisation that is compliant.

Assessment and Achievement

Create a variety of assessed activities and recognise learner achievements in Totara.


Totara Learn features a range of data protection features and tools to help ensure your LMS is compliant.

Blended Learning

Manage your blended learning with a mix of online courseware and offline instructor-led training.

Why Totara?

  • COMPETITION – There are a number of Totara partners, so if you are not delighted with your current partner, just switch. This means partners offer competitive pricing and your LMS if future proofed. You are not locked into one supplier.
  • CUSTOMISATION – Make the platform work to your processes, not the other-way around. We build bespoke customisations, and you have access to plugins which have been developed by the marketplace and Totara.
  • OPEN-SOURCE – Benefit from innovations from the community, and have know that the underlying code-base is robust (used by millions of users).
  • CONTENT MARKETPLACE – An LMS is only as good as it’s content. Pick and choose from thousands of eModules. Micro and full. Video and SCORM. You choose.

Why Accipio?

  • OVERVIEW – We are proud to be a Totara Platinum Partner and ISO 27001/9001 accredited.
  • EXPERIENCE AND TRACK-RECORD – We set-up and run the largest Totara site in the world with over 500,000 users, and work with some of the biggest brands. Government entities can procure our services directly through the G-Cloud framework, and we already work with: Department for International Trade, Department for Exiting the European Union, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Sport England and the College of Policing. As a firm we have an excellent track-record of delighting our clients and pride ourselves on being innovative, responsive, contemporary, dynamic and flexible.
  • WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? We are also a market leader in delivering ILM/CMI leadership and management qualifications and levy funded management apprenticeships. 

Our Services…

Theme Design

We are passionate about design and provide our clients with premium looking sites. We have an award winning creative team that will sit down and understand your brand personality and truly delight.

Configuration & Consultancy

We will help you get the most out of your LMS and create a learning organisation. We will carefully build the platform to your specifics and continue to adapt it as your organisation changes.


Fast. Secure. Scalable. We offer a full range of hosting services from shared hosting, through to dedicated hosting and load balanced systems. Our hosting packages are supported by expert technicians ensuring your site is available 24/7.


Get help when you need it. We provide support to help you troubleshoot specific issues or questions you may have, and make sure you are getting the most out of your LMS. Whether its an urgent issue or a long-term adjustment, we will be in constant contact to ensure you are satisfied.

Key Differences between Totara and Moodle

Free health check & demo

Not happy with your current LMS? Let us take
a look and give you some free expert advice and a demo…

Totara Content Marketplace

As a Totara Platinum partner, we can deliver the Totara Content Marketplace to any of our clients. This offers access to a comprehensive library of 10’s of thousands of learning courses across 30+ different topic areas. This is provided in partnership with GO1.

Our Other Totara Services…

Totara Consultancy

Unhappy with your current Totara provider? Unsure you are getting everything you can out of the world leading LMS? As a Totara Platinum partner, we provide expert consultancy on the state of your LMS and provide a solutions based approach.

Totara Training

Learn how to master a Totara LMS. We provide courses for course managers (1 day) as well as administrators (2 days). These courses make you self sufficient in your use of the Totara LMS.


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