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Organisations that have migrated their Moodle or Totara LMS platforms to Accipio have experienced immediate benefits and harnessed the full potential of digital learning technology.

Companies have migrated their LMS platforms to us for various reasons, from frustrations with their current LMS providers to wanting to unlock advanced solutions, such as ecommerce to monetise their products, better grading tools, multi-tenancy features, and more.

Our migration service is simple, effective, fast, and best of all — completely free of charge.

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Our five steps to migrate your LMS to us

1. The Discovery Phase

Our Digital team will meet with your stakeholders to discuss your current LMS solution and the challenges you need to overcome. During consultation we will also cover your desired migration approach. Our clients often choose between a ‘like for like’ migration, or in certain cases they need further support to establish a new vision for their learning platform. In these instances, we can explore further infrastructure requirements, such as third-party platform integrations, to create the best solution for your organisation.

2. Planning and Strategy

We will then scope out the migration process end-to-end, considering new solutions, and establishing key timeframes. The team will plan out any further development work required and consider third-party plugins that can help to deliver your functional requirements.

3. Sharing the Vision

Our team will then share the migration plan and arrange a follow-up call to discuss everything with you.

4. The Dry Run

Our team will perform a dry run of your migration, which includes generating a staging version of your new LMS, which can be used for testing purposes. You will have the opportunity to test and review your new solution and communicate any further changes to our team.

5. The Launch

After extensive testing, and sign-off, the new LMS site will go live on our servers. Training and support will also be provided to your people.

Why should you migrate your Moodle or Totara LMS to Accipio?

Unlimited rapid support

We are renowned for having an incredibly dynamic and knowledgeable team with expert lead sales and award-winning support.

Our support desk team has consistently provided first meaningful responses within ten minutes or less for the past two years.

Rest assured that incidents with your LMS platform are rare occurrences, but when something does go wrong, we can guarantee you won’t be waiting on the end of the phone for hours on end to speak to an expert.

Co-Creation and Consultancy

Over a decade ago, we changed our business strategy from performance consultancy, to focusing on our two key areas — digital learning and leadership development. But despite this evolution in services, consultancy remains one of our core strengths.

As part of our LMS migration process, our clients sometimes need further support to establish a new vision for their learning platform — a ‘re-solution’. Drawing on our years of best practice, we can help you to devise a new and improved learning strategy. We will consult with you closely to understand your challenges, offering the technical solutions to overcome the problems you are facing.

We will be in regular communication with your organisation to offer advice, support, and best practice suggestions.

Moodle LMS 4.3 has landed

Trusted by the best

Sascha Benson-Cooper (left), CEO and Founder, Accipio, accepting the Totara award for Best Extended Enterprise Solution.

Our track-record of success, delivering Moodle and Totara-based solutions, speaks for itself.

We have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest brands in the world, from PepsiCo to the NHS. We have even supported UK government departments with their learning delivery.

We have won the Totara award for ‘Best Education and Training’ project three years in a row and have also landed five Totara awards in consecutive years.

Strategically aligned

We are one of an exclusive group of Moodle Premium Certified Services Providers in the UK. We also recently celebrated our tenth anniversary as a Totara Platinum Alliance Partner.

Certified Partners, like us, provide leading customer service and technical capability, meaning you can be confident we will deliver a world-class learning platform every time.

Only Premium Certified Partners can offer Moodle Workplace, the corporate distribution of Moodle. This includes advanced features, perfect for businesses and organisations. Trusted by hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

We are also experts in Moodle LMS and Totara TXP, which includes Totara Learn, Engage, and Perform.

Moodle Partner
Totara Platinum Partner

Extend your Moodle or Totara LMS to the next level

Woman on her laptop

Accipio One is our innovative framework of plugins that extends Moodle and Totara to the next level.

Our customers gain access to hundreds of additional features which are always evolving to address the real-world problems our clients face. Problems such as monetising your course materials or products, improved grading tools, multi-tenancy options to divide your LMS on a departmental basis, and much more.

These are not standard out-the-box LMS features, but we can support them.

Migrate your LMS with a certified Moodle and Totara partner.

Trusted by the biggest brands in the world.
Moodle Partner - Digital Learning
Totara Platinum Partner

Don’t just take our word for it

Discover how our clients have flourished by migrating their LMS sites to us.

HFL Education

“We were truly impressed by the responsiveness and support we received throughout the site development and launch process. As we seek to increase our course offering as well as add functionality to the site to further enhance the learning experience, we are confident that Accipio will continue to provide first class guidance and support going forwards.”

James Stanforth, Director of Digital Education, Eton College

Solutions for your organisation

Discover the LMS platforms that can revolutionise your training delivery!

Moodle LMS
Moodle Workplace
Totara TXP

Moodle LMS is one of the most popular learning management systems on the market and a firm favourite with educators. Moodle has over 300 million users worldwide.

Moodle Workplace – the corporate distribution of Moodle – is a scalable and flexible learning solution developed to support effective organisational training for businesses of all different shapes and sizes.

Totara is a leading open-source LMS focused on workplace learning and development. The Totara Talent Experience Platform combines three separate LMS options – Learn, Engage, and Perform.

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