Unused Levy Transfer

Giving Back through the Levy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), those three words; they usually don’t sit very well with me. In my opinion, it really just is our social responsibility, that – if we can help someone, we do it.

In these times of struggle, many organisations are looking for ways in which they can help out in their local communities. Small businesses are struggling to find staff and pay for training. Large businesses are struggling to use their levy funds and noticing that they are being taken back by the government.

Now, it is great that the levy payers unused funds are paying for the wider programmes like functional skills, learning support and other apprentices completing programmes through co-investment – it makes better sense to gift this to other employers and apprentices who will really benefit from it.

Now is the time to make an impact. Think outside of the box and use your funds to help those less advantaged. Don’t write it off as another tax.

Here at Accipio, we are on the lookout to partner with both SME’s and large corporate organisations. Let me explain this a little more:

  1. Large levy paying organisations have the opportunity to ‘gift’ up to 25% of their levy to smaller businesses, so they do not have to pay for apprenticeship training;
  2. Small to medium organisations are free to access this funding (provided the correct gifting procedures have been followed) to pay for apprenticeship training.

What’s in it for me?

Levy Payer:

  • Good opportunity to promote wider social responsibility through top-class training and education;
  • Use up to 25% of your available funds;
  • Build relationships in your local community;
  • Impact someone’s academic ability in a positive way.


  • Access the same training as levy paying employers without co-investing. Saving a further 5% (often this can mean £0 co-investment);
  • Have well trained employees;
  • Benefit from paying an apprentice wage in the first 12 months;
  • Get up to £3000 when you hire a new apprentice;
  • Free Recruit an Apprentice service;
  • Access to skilled training experts.

If you are either a SME looking for a partnership with a large levy payer, or you are a levy payer and want to have a discussion about how we can work together – please get in touch. If you would like to book a 15 minute call with one of our apprenticeship team, please follow this link.