National Apprenticeship Week 2023

Skills for Life

This year, National Apprenticeship Week has focused on celebrating the Skills for Life that our apprentices have gained during their apprenticeship courses.

Throughout the week, I spent time talking to our apprentices and wonderful employers, hearing inspiration stories about how our apprentices’ learning has developed not only themselves, but the wider teams and individuals that they manage.

Through Accipio’s C30 Framework, our apprentices were able to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to be effective leaders and managers. They noted how they were able to: recognise their own emotions and how they are perceived by others; communicate better and more clearly with their teams; and communicate more effectively ‘up the chain,’ to more senior leaders, to be able to manage large and complex projects more effectively. To read more about our apprentices and their experiences, click here to read our social media testimonials.

Deliberate Development

The overarching theme for our own celebration of National Apprenticeship week was ‘deliberate development,’ how apprenticeships and apprentices can help an organisation to become a deliberately developmental organisation (DDO). This was the topic of our talk, which can be found here for those that missed, or would like to revisit, it.

We also welcomed the Chartered Management Institute, who talked to over 40 of our apprentices about the benefits of becoming a Chartered Manager, and the tools and resources that apprentices have access to both while they’re on the programme and beyond. Learners who missed the talk can access it via the Hub

Accipio’s leadership apprenticeships at Levels 5 and 7 include full Chartered Manager status as part of the End Point Assessment process, which is a marvellous benefit and accolade for every manager. It is the pinnacle of leadership and management, and the CMI is the only institute in the world that can award it through Royal Charters.


Continued Success

National Apprenticeship Week this year saw our current in-year Distinction rate stay at 100%: every single one of our apprenticeship completers has received a Distinction at their End Point Assessment, with a 100% qualification pass rate for 4 years in a row.

Over 95% of our students said they gained new knowledge, skills and behaviours that helped them in their work and personal lives, with 87% saying that they would recommend us to friends, family and colleagues. Roughly 54% of our apprentices are promoted during their apprenticeship. 100% of apprentices who have completed their programme said that they have met the goals and objectives they set out to achieve at the start of their programme.

National Apprenticeship Week 2023 was a roaring success, and I am excited to hear and share more in the coming weeks and months ahead.