BusinessBalls Enterprise

The easiest and most effective way to supercharge company growth

Manage compliance training and develop soft skills with an instant-access, content-rich and affordable LMS for organisations of all sizes

A ready-made LMS, packed with content

Enterprise is your all-in-one LMS and content solution. Manage your organisation’s compliance training and develop soft skills with an instant-access, content-rich and affordable LMS trusted by over 120 million people…

Key features

Ready-made LMS

Plug-and-play LMS

Launch your own content-rich LMS with a click of a button. Skip lengthy implementation processes: just add your learners, assign learning pathways and track progress.

Packed with content

Filled with content

Access over 1,000 engaging eLearning modules covering compliance training and soft skills development. All pre-loaded and updated for your convenience.



One of the most cost-effective LMS and content solutions on the market, available for a fraction of the cost of other systems. Suitable for organisations with 5 to 500,000 people. Buy only the user licenses you need and adjust at any time.

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Other features

  • Design personalised training programmes for your staff, choosing who accesses what material and how.
  • Diagnostic tools to measure strengths and weaknesses, always recommending specific content to bridge any skill gaps.
  • Powerful reporting tools with real-time data that help you to track learner progress and growth. Download certificates for compliance.
  • Custom branding options provide a sense of familiarity for your people, and make the LMS really feel like your own
  • Licences available on a per-person basis. Only ever pay for what you need, when you need it – and adjust at any time with a click.

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Our content catalogues


Leadership and Management

~400 tried-and-tested C30 eLearning modules, developed by our expert in-house leadership team. Everything you need to become a successful and well-rounded manager and leader, regardless of your experience. Aligned with the requirements of qualifications from the Chartered Management Institute and Management Apprenticeships from Level 3-7.

Policy and Compliance

Make sure your staff are safe and compliant with this CPD-certified and IOSH-recognised collection of courses, covering topics from Computer Workstations (DSE) to Hazard Substances (COSHH).

Health and Safety

Health and Safety at work is about risk management and reasonable protections to ensure your workers and your business are safe. Good management of Health and Safety is shown via strong leadership, involvement of managers, the supply chain, and customers.

Cyber Security

In the Digital Age, workplaces must be equipped to manage their own information and the personal data of customers, clients and partners.

Human Resources

Cover all of the topics needed to be successful in your Human Resource Management. From Modern Slavery to Virtual Interviews.


Learn how to provide protection to vulnerable individuals from all walks of life, and to create a culture in your organisation that is heavily focused on safeguarding others.

Food Safety

Ensure food and drink is handled, prepared and cooked in a safe and secure manner, for the health of your staff and your customers.

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Know how to handle all of your financial and accountancy undertakings in a way that is compliant with the regulations set by the FCA.

New Business and Startup

All the key areas required to start and grow an organisation from humble beginnings and prepare to scale as you develop.

Estimated prices for your organisation

These are simple indicative prices; however, you can get an exact quote for your initial user numbers and sign up directly via BB.

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What is included for free?

Learners can access articles, and create an account to track progress. However, if they would like to access premium eLearning modules, tools (with no ads) and secure recognition (badges and certificates), then learners need an active Premium or Enterprise subscription.

What is the difference between a corporate account (Enterprise) and a normal individual subscription (Premium)?

Corporate clients who secure access for their people have additional features, and a lower subscription cost per person. These features include the ability to manage and report on users, custom branding and URL, SSO, bespoke dashboards and courses, and much more…Think of this as a “ready-made” LMS.

Is there a minimum term for Premium and Enterprise?

There is no minimum term for either BB Premium or BB Enterprise. If you choose to cancel your subscription, you will still get access to all of your purchased features for the duration of the already-paid-for period. For example, if you purchased an annual membership two months in, you will still retain access for the remaining ten months.

How does pricing work? Are there different bands?

Yes, there are several price bands, depending on the number of licences purchased, and whether you choose to pay annually or monthly. See the full price list. You unlock additional features and support from 30 licences, such as personalised branding for your organisation.

Will we have support whilst setting up and implementing our Enterprise platform?

Any new BusinessBalls Enterprise clients that sign up in 2024 will receive complimentary support from our award-winning team for three months after purchase.

They will help you get set up, implement your program, allocate your learning and embed it in your staff development schemes. For sign-ups after December 31, only organisations who have purchased 30 or more licences will have access to ongoing support.

How many administrators can we have? Can we have our L&D rep and departmental managers as admins?

You can have as many administrators as you like within your number of licenses. Each administrator you assign requires a licence and therefore will need to have one purchased. Each of these administrators can have the power to allocate and track learning.

Does Enterprise come with content? Can we add our own learning content?

BusinessBalls Enterprise comes with free access to all of the BusinessBalls C30 premium catalogue of Leadership resources, plus the entire Compliance catalogue. Each of these can be bundled and allocated to individuals, teams, departments, companies, or other custom groupings as you require. You cannot currently add your own content but you can brand the site to your own design and custom content uploads may be included as a future addition. For custom LMSs, please contact Accipio for more information.

Can we adjust our number of licenses to reflect staff turnover or new joiners?

You can manage and adjust your number of licences any time through the BusinessBalls Shop and your new number of licences will be reflected in your next billing period. For monthly billing customers, that will mean the amount paid next month will increase or decrease based on changes in user number. For annual billing, that will be the next year.

Just looking for individual access for your own personal development?