Accipio + EtonX: Moodle Workplace site with up to 500,000 users

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Completely revolutionising the EtonX platform in just 8 weeks

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EtonX is a subsidiary of Eton College, founded in 2015 to help 13-18-year-olds develop the skills they need for success after school. They provide high-quality courses aimed at developing students’ leadership skills and helping them to secure university places and future employment. On the roadmap are academic curriculum courses to enrich A-level teaching.

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The Challenge

Innovative technology and high-quality content are two of the key principles of the EtonX platform. For that reason, Eton College chose ourselves at Accipio to transform the EtonX platform and take it to the next level.


Prior to the switch, the onboarding process for external schools was fully manual, requiring substantial time for actions such as adding users. As a result, EtonX wanted a scalable solution to provide free access (outreach access) to all EtonX courses for state schools, alongside paid access for independent and international schools. They also wanted to establish a new, integrated learning platform for use by staff and students at Eton College, as well as partner schools in the state sector.


What we did

In the space of just 8 weeks, we configured and deployed a Moodle Workplace site scalable to over 500,000 users, allowing many more students to have access to the resources that EtonX provides.


Key features of the project included:

  • Building a custom migration tool to pull content from their legacy learning platform and create Moodle courses from this, retaining existing features and functionality;
  • Developing a new course format, Accipio Process, to provide students with a clear and easy-to-navigate structure where they can easily see their process and next tasks;
  • Installing and configuring our shop and Training Management Systems (TMS). These facilitated easy self-serve onboarding of schools onto the platform, significantly reducing the time and effort required to do so; and
  • Installing and configuring our Diagnose Training Management System to aid in benchmarking students' skill levels, knowledge, and understanding.

The Results

The platform has helped Eton College make a positive contribution to tackling education inequality in the UK, with the new site making the onboarding of external schools easier than ever. The platform provides a large amount of high-quality learning – which our custom migration tool helped to develop – to a wide range of students in the UK and even further afield.


As part of our continual improvement process, we are currently working to make the site wholly mobile-friendly. This will allow users to have the same high-quality experience when accessing the site from their mobile device, therefore further increasing the platform's convenience and accessibility.

Client Quote

“From the outset, Accipio listened to the very specific needs that we had in making our provision of free access to EtonX courses to the UK state sector fully scalable and efficient; they didn’t overpromise and they certainly delivered. We were truly impressed by the responsiveness and support we received throughout the site development and launch process. As we seek to increase our course offering as well as add functionality to the site to further enhance the learning experience, we are confident that Accipio will continue to provide first class guidance and support going forwards.”


– James Stanforth, Director of Digital Education, Eton College