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Without effective communication, even customer service heroes fall flat. 
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Respect at work

 This module helps you build a culture of respect to heighten focus, encourage collaboration and increase job satisfaction.
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Unconscious bias

Unconscious bias is everywhere. This module helps you to recognise it, and prevent any bias affecting the decisions you make.
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Teamwork makes the dream work. In this module, we take a look at why teamwork is important and how to be a better team player.

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Motivating your team

Everyone’s different, this module shows you the best ways to motivate your team.

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Slips, trips and falls

Prevent slips, trips and falls, learn how to fall safely and see how you can keep your employees safe at work.
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Charitable activities

Charity benefits businesses and our community. See how you can make a difference.

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Gender equality

Learn why people of all genders should care about gender equality, and what we can do to work towards it.

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Traits of effective leaders
Creating a trust culture
Motivating your team
Driving innovation
Performance reviews
Mentoring others
Leading through failure
Leading a united team
Leading through change
Do’s and don’ts: Leading through change

Customer service

Customer service essentials
Brand awareness
Dealing with emotions
Dealing with complaints

Equality and diversity

What is equality and diversity
Equality law basics
Direct and indirect discrimination
Bullying and harassment
Sexual harassment
Achieving equality and diversity
Gender identity
Unconscious bias
Gender equality
Gender pay gap
Introduction to neurodiversity
Ways to make your workplace more equal
Black lives matter
Microaggressions (coming soon)

Health and safety

A health and safety state of mind
Fire safety
Manual handling
First aid: emergency response
First aid: minor injuries
Working when seated
Slips, trips and falls
Working at height
COSHH basics
Personal protection equipment


A management mindset
Managing your team
Decision making
Organisation skills
Effective meetings
Hiring employees
Project management
Respect in the workplace
Looking after your team
Neurodiversity for managers

Skills for work and life

Managing stress
Dealing with change
Dealing with uncertainty

Working together

Giving and receiving feedback
Respect at work

Thinking skills

Making good decisions
Problem solving
Critical thinking
Flexible thinking


Why communication matters (coming soon)
Communication personality quiz (coming soon)
Communication styles (coming soon)
Communication hacks (coming soon)
Empathetic listening (coming soon)
Barriers to communication (coming soon)
Building rapport (coming soon)

Corporate governance

What is corporate governance
Money laundering
Information security
Understanding GDPR
Treating customers fairly
Competition law

Digital Skills

Creating a digital culture
Better browsing
Digital research
Instant messaging
Using email effectively
Social media in the workplace
Working collaboratively online
Creative commons
Fake news and fact checking


What is insurance
Types of insurance
The insurance process
The claims process
The regulatory landscape
Insurance Distribution Directive
Senior Managers & Certification Regime
Understanding client needs

Hot topics

Is our personal data safe?
Beat the heat
Car free day
Breast cancer awareness
Drink driving
The morning after
Be kind online
How to: Stop the spread
Working from home checklist
Managing teams at home
Leading through COVID-19
Continuing the kindness
Working safely through COVID-19

Mental health

Why mental health matters
Introduction to mental health
Spotlight on mental health issues
Practising positivity
Stigma and mental health
Supporting someone who’s struggling
Talking about your mental health
Mental health: Where to get help
Building better mental health
Self-care booklet
Dealing with stress at work
Saying the right thing
Guided breathing exercise

Corporate social responsibility

What is corporate social responsibility
Carbon and the climate
Charitable activities
Business ethics


The wellbeing mindset
The wellness myth
Building better habits
Life hacks
Weathering the storms
A healthy routine
Reflecting on work and life
Work-life balance
Burnout (coming soon)

Workplace 101

Creating a presentation
Delivering a presentation


Building product value (coming soon)
Needs driven approach (coming soon)
The power of listening (coming soon)
Trail close (coming soon)
Types of objections (coming soon)
Know your questions (coming soon)
Behavioural styles (coming soon)
Building rapport (coming soon)

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