5 Key Characteristics of Personal Resilience

Personal resilience is critical during change. Resilience in physics is about elasticity, buoyancy, the ability to return, often stronger to the original shape. In Biology, it is about survival of the fittest (Darwinism). This concept can be used within change management as whilst the environment around your team changes it is crucial you ensure the team changes with it. This may involve changing processes, having an open minded or encouraging others to try new things.

Here we have outlined the most important ways of remaining resilient:

1. Be open

Strategies for being open:

  • Be creative
  • Be curious
  • Remain optimistic

2. Understand Self Worth

Strategies for understanding self worth:

  • Recognise talent & strengths
  • Be self confident
  • Carry out self reflection and correction

3. Have personal discipline and responsibility

Strategies for having personal discipline and responsibility:

  • Be true to values and behaviours
  • Demonstrate behavioural adaptability and flexibility

4. Use networks

Strategies for using networks:

  • Engage in participation & dialogue
  • Work with, seek support from and learn from others

5. Take an holistic approach

Strategies for taking an holistic approach:

  • Understand the vision and the big picture
  • Be structured and focused
  • Plan ahead