Lasting Relationships

Successful networking is all about building relationships that are strong and meaningful enough to last. As we all know, relationships are a two-way street and therefore will only work if there is mutual benefit and interest. Relationships that have the potential to last don’t form overnight – they take time, effort and dedication.

Lasting Relationships embrace behaviours such as positive attitude, mutual respect, mindfulness, trust, sincerity, open communication and genuine interest. People are more likely to open up to you if you open up to them. These relationships aren’t just formed at work or within the workplace. These relationships are also nurtured outside of a working environment, on a personal level, to aim to develop a deeper understanding of each other. Engage in regular conversation about their personal life that shows genuine interest and the key is to find common ground early on.

Long lasting relationships are very beneficial in today’s polarized society and fast paced workplace. Job satisfaction and employee engagement are likely to be higher if you have friends at work. Put them first, ask open ended questions that avoid YES or NO answers.

Be proactive and create them. You never know when they could come in handy – old bosses, old employees, old bosses.

In sum, effective networking is all about building relationships that last. Forming bonds in the workplace enhances productivity, engagement, job satisfaction and retainment. Build these relationships with your professional circle including customers, employees, co-workers and main stake holders.