Moodle LMS 4

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Moodle LMS 4

Since launching over two decades ago, Moodle, one of the leading open-source learning platforms on the planet, has become a go-to solution for educators and organisations alike.

With each new release, Moodle has continued to innovate and deliver improvements, while providing a collaborative learning experience for the hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

This week, Moodle announced the launch of their latest release – Moodle LMS 4.4 – which comes complete with a host of new and intuitive features to support learning collaboration and delivery.

But what can we expect from Moodle LMS 4.4? Let’s take a closer look!

Improved focus on learning

Moodle has revisited the overall learning experience within Moodle LMS 4.4 – making it even easier for learners to prioritise their tasks and complete their assignments. This is supported with the introduction of a new user interface, allowing learners to review their learning pathway at-a-glance, while also keeping track of upcoming tasks and activities.

Moodle has streamlined the navigation structure, introducing a one-click method for accessing learning content. There has also been a drastic reduction in the amount of scrolling required to access important documents, activities, and courses.

To help improve concentration levels, while reducing cognitive load, Moodle has reduced the amount of visible content on screen. This is achieved with new collapsible blocks and bite-sized chunks of information and content displayed by default.

Managing learning more efficiently

My Courses - Moodle LMS 4

Moodle LMS 4.4 has been designed to help learners keep on top of their course requirements.

Deadline management and prioritisation has been improved with the introduction of course deadlines and notifications within the Dashboard area, while learners can also plan or schedule their upcoming work using the Calendar feature.

A new ‘My Courses’ page houses all courses in a single location, and improved filtering and sorting components help learners to find and access courses more quickly.

Creating great learning experiences

For educators, trainers, and course administrators, Moodle LMS 4.4 has got even better when it comes to creating or editing courses.

Compact activity cards streamline admin access to manage groups, restrictions, and completion conditions, reducing navigation obstacles and improving course activity management.

Administrators can organise their course content in seconds, by accessing an overview of the entire course structure. Courses can be edited swiftly, by dragging and dropping entire sections and activities on screen. You can even edit activities in bulk, as opposed to one-at-a-time, and activities can be included anywhere across a course page.

Video conferencing forms a huge part of Moodle LMS 4.4, with built-in services courtesy of BigBlueButton. Video conferencing also features chat and breakout rooms, interactive whiteboards, and content can be easily shared (or restricted) by administrators after the conclusion of sessions.

Notifications have also greatly improved. Learners can be notified of changes to their courses through email and mobile app alerts. Messaging system integration is another key innovation, with Slack or Teams integration available for in-course communication between learner and trainer.

Making data-driven decisions

Moodle LMS 4 - Report Builder

Moodle LMS 4.4 offers new custom reporting features with the data that matters most. The report builder features an intuitive drag and drop interface, with instant preview available, plus advanced filtering, and customisations.

Administrators can schedule regular reports, featuring real-time data, which can be shared easily across an entire organisation. A wider variety of data sources are now compatible.

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