Unlock an enhanced user experience with Moodle 4.3

Announcing Moodle 4.3

For organisations across all sectors, supporting their people whilst enabling career growth is an ongoing priority. Digital learning platforms can be the key tool in facilitating workplace learning. Allowing people access to flexible self-directed and on-demand training. Anytime, anywhere. Or at least, anywhere with a stable broadband connection.

One of the world’s leading open-source learning platforms is Moodle. Founded 21 years ago, in 2002, Moodle has well over two hundred million users worldwide. That’s a lot of people, and a lot of learning.

Moodle enables organisations to manage, deliver, and measure learning and training online. The platform is also used globally across schools, colleges, and universities.

Businesses and organisations have harnessed the power of Moodle for over two decades. Training their workforces. Helping their talent grow. Enabling workers to feel supported, respected, and special.

Last month, there was further great news for organisations around the world… with the release of Moodle LMS 4.3

The latest Moodle offering empowers organisations to deliver an even better learning experience. With design improvements that unlock an enhanced user experience for everybody.

Moodle has a vibrant community of developers from across the planet. During the last six months, they have committed 470 improvements to 4.3. From bug fixes, through to exciting new features.

But what can organisations expect from Moodle 4.3? Well, let’s find out…

Boosted security features to protect organisations

Security has been at the forefront of development decisions made on Moodle 4.3. The new platform features multi-factor authentication. Very fancy… but what does that mean?

Well, it means logging into the system is securer than ever. Why? Because users must provide two types of authentications. A password, combined with another authentication method. These could include biometrics (fingerprints), codes sent to a mobile phone, and more.

A “do not track” mode is also available for YouTube and Vimeo. Preventing third-party data sharing. Plus, an array of further advanced security features is available. Ensuring a safe, secure, and compliant learning environment.

Improved navigation on Moodle 4.3 to allow users to thrive

Moodle’s developers have revisited the user experience. Designing a new navigation system that helps to enhance the learning experience.

Convenient previous and next buttons permanently float within activities. Users can also take control of their own environment. Expanding or collapsing boxes of information within their courses. Decluttering the workspace to boost content engagement.

A new question bank to support workplace assessment

The ‘question bank’ sits at the heart of Moodle’s assessment feature. Moodle have collaborated with a host of leading institutions from around the world. These have included the Open University. Plus, development contributions from Catalyst EU. This partnership has provided a notable change for L&D leaders.

Why? Because the question bank now features enhanced search and filter options. Making assessment creation and management a seamless experience. Plus, organisations can customise their assessment view. Perfect for quick assessment creation that hits the mark.

An enhanced social learning experience, with Matrix Messaging on Moodle 4.3

Moodle have an enviable reputation globally, due to their collaborative learning features. These include group activities, such as forums, wikis, and live virtual classrooms.

But 4.3 has introduced a new experimental feature: the Matrix Messaging system. A feature designed for in-course communication. Creating a social learning experience for users.

The Matrix Messaging system provides access to a contemporary messaging interface. The Moodle developers are already working to integrate this into Microsoft Teams. A meaningful change for L&D leaders. Allowing them to communicate with their learners. Providing instant responsive support.

The tip of the iceberg

Unbelievably, these features are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Moodle 4.3. You can discover all the new features on Moodle’s website.

So, how can your organisation unlock the full power of Moodle 4.3 to train your people?

Through us, of course.

Accipio are one of an exclusive group of Moodle Premium Certified Services Providers in the UK. Sounds fancy! But what does that mean for your organisation?

Well, we can provide a level of Moodle expertise that most other LMS providers cannot. From customisations and hosting to support and training.

Moodle Premium Certified Partners, like us, provide leading customer service and technical capability. Meaning you can be confident we will deliver a world-class learning platform. Every time.

Our track-record of success, delivering Moodle-based solutions, speaks for itself. We have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest brands in the world. From PepsiCo to the Premier League. We have even supported UK government departments with their learning delivery.

Only Premium Certified Partners can offer Moodle Workplace, the corporate distribution of Moodle. This includes advanced features, perfect for businesses and organisations. Trusted by hundreds of millions of users worldwide. More organisations choose Moodle to support their training delivery than any other platform.

We also have another trick up our sleeve. Our multi award-winning range of plugins: Accipio One. An innovative framework of plugins that extend Moodle. Allowing our clients to include e-commerce, SEO, and much more. These are not standard out-the-box features, but we can support them.

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Make sure Moodle 4.3 is in the conversation when it comes to your L&D strategy.