What’s new in Moodle Workplace 3.11?

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Benn Cass, Senior Solutions Architect at ACCIPIO

Moodle Workplace reminds me of a phone software update… you have the same hardware running and with every software update new and exciting things are released and it’s like having a brand new phone each time without the hassle of changing!

With that in mind the release of 3.11.1 this month along with 3.11 last month brings a number of exciting features to enhance Moodle Workplace too!

As you’ll know Moodle Workplace is built on the solid framework of Moodle meaning that the functionality released for Moodle automatically gets added to Moodle Workplace as well… Double Win!

There’s so much packed into these releases that we’ll just cover some of the key features surrounding the UI, dashboards and authentication.

The UI has had a little makeover across a number of areas including reporting, activity completion, organisation structure and My Teams. These changes ease the use of these areas for the user and we really like the way “My Teams” now fits nicely on the side bar.

One of the most talked about enhancements has to be the ability to create per-tenant dashboards. This really does create a nice way to personalise each tenant with their own blocks and layout. A great use of this is for creating banners per tenant or custom blocks that may only be required for a specific tenant. No more workarounds needed!

Another great multi-tenancy feature is the ability to support per-tenant configuration of SAML2 authentication. Again, another feature greatly needed to allow flexibility for tenants to using SSO making it easier and quicker to access the LMS.

Individual tenants can enable or disable the SAML2 plugin and also override fields locking.

Along with this you can now have custom profile fields per tenant allowing greater flexibility for each tenant to have their own profile data. Even better if you are using sign up forms… you can ask for any data you want without having to enable it for all tenants.

Moodle 3.11 incorporates the Brickfield Accessibility Starter Toolkit to help organisations create accessible course content. This is also available in Moodle Workplace. The Accessibility Starter Toolkit allows educators and administrators to assess the accessibility of their course content and to identify existing common accessibility issues.

Roll on Moodle 4.0 to see what changes are made to the UI to make Moodle Workplace even better. You can read up on all the Moodle Workplace features on their website: https://docs.moodle.org/311/en/Moodle_Workplace_new_features#3.11

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