Effective Recruitment

Recruitment is a core function for Human Resource Management. Without effective recruitment, a business will struggle to succeed in the long run, no matter how good their values, business plan and strategy is.

Effective recruitment is done in a cost effective manner – getting it right the first time round.

A recruitment mistake could be damaging in various ways for a company. Evidently, it is very time wasting hiring the wrong candidate, as the same process will have to be repeated in order to replace the mistaken employee. In doing so, there is a risk that team efficiency could potentially be damaged, as well as a significant waste of money and resources.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to take time and effort in finding the right person. The right candidate is more likely to stay in the business long-term, invest more interest and produce better quality work.

First and foremost, get your basics up to scratch before you get technical;

-Full Time? /Part Time?

-Internship? /Graduate? /Experienced?

-Contract? /Freelance?

-Qualifications? /Abilities? /Skills? /Personality?

-Updated Job description

-Responsibilities? /Purpose?

Once you’ve got this clear, start the process. Screen CV’s, Select applicants, Interview and Hire.

Successful recruitment is mutual. They need to find the right place to work too. So make sure you analyse your requirements and attract employees that are going to be of interest. Don’t oversell or undersell and give an honest description. Team chemistry should be considered. If the position is within a team, it might be worthwhile talking to the people that will be working in conjunction with this new candidate.

All in all, there is no guaranteed process for successful recruitment, but key ingredients such as time and effort, always help.

In summary, having the right people is vital for success. This foundation will permeate every aspect of a business; the products they produce and the corporate culture.

Go that extra mile – it’s worth it.