Maximising Team Performance

As a leader you want to make sure that your team reaches peak performance.

Before focusing on any outcome, you need to make sure that the given set of people are working together as a ‘TEAM’ and not as individuals. To ensure this happens, frequent meetings on a weekly or monthly basis are important in order to keep everybody on track working towards the same goal. This will maintain focus and keep team members engaged and motivated.

Building trust is a ‘must have’ for maximising team performance in the workplace, as it will create an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable enough to share new ideas and take initiative.

A team is formed by different people, with different personalities and skills. By this we mean every individual has their own personal strengths, and as a manager you have to utilise your wide range of resources. Assign tasks to the most suitable employee for the job, depending on the set of skills that will be required. Not only is this beneficial for both employee and organisation in terms of productivity, but at the same time this will enhance their confidence, morale and results.

However, if employees aren’t challenged once in a while, this will have a negative effect on productivity and motivation. Same old, same old is boring, easy and repetitive. Widen their focus, give them responsibilities that force employees to share and expand their knowledge. Allow them to explore new ways of working, or simply just ask them what set of skills they are interested in developing.

Constant monitoring of your team or employees can be time consuming, but this will benefit the organisation as a whole. Make sure they understand their purpose, keep them engaged and motivated and avoid following too much of a routine – mix it up.