Leading Change

You have to believe in a single presupposition that you cannot, by virtue, lead something if you are not changing it.  To lead has momentum, it has movement, it pushes on. For that reason, successful change is integral to good leadership. We have outlined the 3 key steps to implementing successful change.

3 Steps to Successful Change

1. Spot the change

  • Question everything.
  • Do not accept the status quo.
  • Horizon scan and get some exposure mechanisms.
  • Seek inputs from others.
  • Build a strong picture of the now.
  • Don’t assume – ask.
  • Interrogate, interrogate, interrogate.
  • Keep your assumptions in check.
  • Be careful of predetermination.
  • Develop your Vision.
  • Test your Vision with others.

2. Take others with you:

  • Consult others.
  • Explain your thinking.
  • Ask for their point of view.
  • Test the Vision.
  • Be contagiously positive about the change.
  • Influence peers, managers, subs and yourself.
  • Know who you can rely on – build alliances.
  • Draw in a whole range of people.
  • Stay focussed – be resilient.
  • Never negotiate on the Vision, everything else is up for debate.
  • Listen.
  • Allow yourself to be challenged.

3. Integrity of personal values:

  • Be consistent.
  • Do what you say you will do.
  • Be authentic and heartfelt.
  • Show some compassion and that you care.
  • Start living the change yourself.
  • Step in when people break the rules.
  • Key a weather eye on those closest to you – they are part of it too.
  • Keep smiling – despair is visible.
  • No revenge – only reflection.