Why We Find Change Difficult

Below we have outlined the key reasons we often find the change experience difficult to deal with. To ensure change occurs as smoothly as possible it is important to accept these reasons and help individuals through the process, rather than denying that they occur.

1. We don’t understand

We often think that people are resisting change without really understanding what may be happening for them.

Often people simply don’t understand the change.  They just want more information in order to feel able to commit.  By asking questions and seeking clarification we can often overcome some of our anxieties and concerns.

2. We disagree with what is happening

However, sometimes people disagree with what is happening.  We may understand the change, but we simply do not agree.  This can mean that we stay in denial or we resist the change, or try to negotiate it away.  This perspective can take longer than most to overcome.

3. We can see a personal implication of the change

Lastly, sometimes people can see that the change has implications for them.  It may have what we see as a negative impact on our personal situation. In this case we are better to seek the opportunities from the change, rather than focusing on the loss.  We need to stay open to alternatives and the potential benefits of the change.