TGROW Model Questioning Examples

Below are some simple questions that can be used within the TGROW model. These are just a few, there are hundreds more you can use, find or develop. Coaches will often keep note of questions they which either have a big impact on the learner, or simply don’t work in a given situation.


  • What do you want to discuss?
  • What do you want to explore today?
  • Picking up from our previous meeting what is your focus on during our time together?
  • How do you want to use our next 30 minutes?
  • What could we discuss that would have most impact on what you want to achieve?
  • What are your reasons for wanting to explore this topic?


  • By the end of our time together what do you want to have achieved?
  • When we finish today what outcomes do you want to go away with?
  • What is the purpose of our meeting today?
  • What would good look like to you?
  • What would make todays session a success for you?


  • What is the situation?
  • What is happening at the moment?
  • What have you tried so far?
  • What have you been doing?
  • How have you been doing it up until now?
  • What has worked / not worked?
  • What have you not considered / considered perhaps due to cost, time etc?
  • What has been suggested to you to do?
  • What has your manager recommended to you before now?
  • Who have you spoken to about this? Who else has been involved?
  • Tell me more…
  • What are your thoughts about what has been tried so far?
  • Are there other doing different things in different areas of the business?


  • What could you try?
  • What might work?
  • What have you tried previously that you might be able to apply to this situation?
  • What could you change here to make an option more appropriate or effective?
  • Where could you look for ideas / approaches?
  • Who has some expert knowledge who might be able to give you direction?
  • Anything else…?
  • What is being tried in other areas of the business?
  • If you had an ideal wish list of ideas of what you could do, what would be on it? Examine these and look at adapting some of their suggestions
  • How realistic is this… (given your time, resources etc)..?
  • How appropriate is that option?
  • Which might be best fit for you / team / department?
  • Of all the options or approaches here, what is your gut feeling about the best one?
  • If you chose this approach what sort of things would you see happening if it was the best choice?
  • If you implemented this option, what would you see happening in 6 months time?
  • You have identified several options, which stands out as best for you and why?
  • How will you know if this approach would be successful?
  • If you had to scale each of the options, with 10 being the best fit, how would you rate each option and why?
  • If you went for this option what would the implications be for team/department?
  • How would this approach affect the team?
  • Taking X option, let’s explore this, how would you apply it to see if it could work? Take time to ask questions around this, once done check with the learner to see how they feel about this option. Then take another option and explore.


  • What is your commitment to achieving this?
  • What are the first things you are going to do with your plan?
  • What do you need to consider before doing anything else?
  • Where is the best place to start?
  • What are any obstacles to you starting this? What are they?
  • What about any obstacles to you completing it?
  • What might slow you down?
  • Who can support you in this?
  • Who has the expertise to help you?
  • What do you need from me?
  • On a scale of 10 how confident are you with achieving your objective?

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