Supercharge self-directed learning with Moodle Workplace 4.4

Moodle Workplace 4.4 has arrived

Five years ago, Moodle, one of the leading open-source learning platforms on the planet, changed the LMS landscape forever, with the introduction of Moodle Workplace – a scalable and flexible learning solution developed to support effective organisational training.

With every release since 2019, Moodle has continually strived for excellence and listened to user feedback to deliver key improvements, ensuring that Moodle Workplace remains at the forefront of innovation in corporate learning and development.

This week, Moodle announced the highly anticipated launch of Moodle Workplace 4.4, which comes packed with an array of exciting new features to support learning for businesses of all different shapes and sizes.

It has been a busy and productive time for Moodle in recent weeks, with the concurrent launch of Moodle LMS 4 last month.

Let’s take a closer look at Moodle Workplace 4.4 and discover what new innovations are available:

‘Catalogue’ unlocks a range of new learning opportunities

A new learning catalogue, known simply as ‘Catalogue’, sits at the heart of Moodle Workplace 4.4. Improved access to course materials empowers employees to take control of their own self-directed learning and continued professional development (CPD) with customised development plans.

Catalogue also features improved in-built search functionality, which simplifies course discovery, allowing both the employee and trainer to sift through learning materials at speed to find what they need. Adjustable priority settings for each search field help to configure course relevance.

Learning Catalogue

Boost your reach and revenue with public courses

The new learning catalogue within Moodle Workplace 4.4 empowers organisations to boost their reach and offer courses publicly for the first time. By opening course materials up to people outside an organisation, businesses can showcase their learning to potential employees or customers.

This, combined with an ecommerce plugin or extension, such as Accipio Shop – the world’s most advanced native shop for Moodle – can allow organisations to reach new markets and unlock lucrative revenue streams by selling their course bundles, certifications, event tickets, cohort memberships, tenancies and much more.

The Learning Catalogue streamlines course management, curation, promotion, sale, and delivery within a unified platform.

Purchase courses

Improved audience targeting for reporting

Administrators now have greater control over report customisation and can refine audience targeting to specific managerial roles. Reports can be shared with a custom audience, for example, specific managerial roles, and this optimises the communication channels within the LMS, ensuring the right reports reach the right people at the right time.

Within Custom Pages and Reports, content can be customised for designated managerial roles within an organisation. This helps to foster self-directed learning, with role-specific training and resources tailored to the individual.

For HR professionals within an organisation, Moodle Workplace 4.4 offers improved ‘People Management’, allowing HR Managers to assign job titles to entire departments and easily reflect the existing reporting lines within the organisation.

People Management

No more language barriers with multilingual notifications

For organisations operating across different countries and continents, Moodle Workplace 4.4 introduces a new multilingual notification system to enhance the communication experience across diverse language backgrounds.

Learners or trainers can choose to receive notification updates in their preferred language, helping to bridge gaps and facilitate better understanding and engagement, while promoting inclusivity.

Multilingual notification system

Centralised certification at the touch of a button

L&D and HR Managers can automatically assign employees to certifications and courses in Moodle Workplace 4.4, for example, new starters can be enrolled into onboarding certifications, such as Health and Safety courses.

This is facilitated through Moodle’s Dynamic Rules automation, which simplifies the certification process and helps to smooth the user experience and journey.

Dynamic rulesSo, now you know about some of the incredible new features of Moodle Workplace 4.4, but what next?

Upskill your entire organisation with Moodle Workplace 4.4

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