Totara TXP

Totara Awards 2019-2024

We are a Platinum Totara partner that has won the Totara award for Best Education and Training project three years in a row. We use Totara as a base to innovate from, and are trusted by the biggest brands in the world from PepsiCo to the Premier League. We have an innovative framework of plugins to extend Totara – called AccipioOne – which are a game changer for ambitious projects. 

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What is the Totara TXP?

The three parts of the Talent Experience Platform combine to unlock the full potential of your people, ensuring they learn, engage and perform to deliver where it counts.

Learning Management System

Totara Learn is a flexible, open learning management system to develop your people across the organization, including compliance management, advanced reporting and automation.

What is an LMS?


Learning Experience Platform

Totara Engage provides a secure social space powered by people, where learning comes recommended and self-directed. It supports day-to-day workplace communication, knowledge sharing and discovery.


Performance Management Platform

Totara Perform is a flexible performance platform which allows organisations to proactively manage staff performance in order to operate more effectively and achieve their goals.


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Our services

We provide a fully managed Totara service, from hosting and unlimited rapid support to custom development and theming. We work with you to develop a world-class site.

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Our commitment to quality

We are proud to hold Platinum Alliance Partner status since 2013 which means we are among the best of the best. You will receive the highest level of support, knowledge and service for your Totara platform. We have won the Totara award for the Best Education and Training Project three years in a row, and have a number of innovative plugins to extend your platform. We hold ISO27001/9001 and Cyber Essentials Plus. Quality is at the heart of everything we do.

Extend your platform

We have developed an innovative plugin eco-system to extend your Totara site. We call this Accipio One. So if you need a shop to sell courses, advanced diagnostic tools, a Training Management System (TMS) to allocate licences, SEO tools for ranking in Google, LXP features to recommend learning based on machine learning, content curation tools to pull insights into your platform, or even an ePortfolio system to deliver apprenticeships and qualifications – we have you covered. We also have a range of content options such as our C30 leadership and management catalogue with over 300 eModules, and compliance content from our partners.

Not happy with your current Totara partner?

One of the benefits of Totara, is that it is supported by a number of partners. Switching to us is free and easy. You will Benefit from free: migration; upgrade to the latest version; theme refresh; and consultancy (health check). You will also get access to our framework of plugins (Accipio One) and responsive support from our multi award-winning expert team.

Why Totara?

Totara is an open source learning platform that is fully customisable to enable you to make it your own. Totara Learn is a flexible, extensible enterprise-level LMS with all the features you need to support and manage learning for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Used by over 16 million people. Totara Engage and Perform can be added to Totara Learn to create an integrated Talent Experience Platform. 

COMPETITION – There are a number of Totara partners, so if you are not delighted with your current partner, just switch. This means partners offer competitive pricing and your LMS if future proofed. You are not locked into one supplier.

CUSTOMISATION – Make the platform work to your processes, not the other-way around. We build bespoke customisations, and you have access to plugins which have been developed by the marketplace and Totara.

OPEN-SOURCE – Benefit from innovations from the community, and know that the underlying code-base is robust (used by millions of users).

CONTENT MARKETPLACE – An LMS is only as good as it’s content. Pick and choose from thousands of eModules. Micro and full. Video and SCORM. You choose.


Why partner with Accipio?

Multi award-winning platinum Totara partner based in London

Framework of plugins to extend your Totara site (AccipioONE)

Setup the largest Totara site in the world with over 500,000 users

Work with some of the largest brands in the world

Innovative, dynamic and responsive partner (we love to extend Totara)

Direct access to solution architects and developers

Integrated leadership and management eco-system

ISO certified (27001 and 9001)

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